by Glume

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zaustin616 I've seen Glume twice live and each of the members has this passionate intensity that reminds me why I love this music. Favorite track: Nightshade.
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released October 28, 2016

Engineered by Mike Oettinger
Mixed and Mastered by Jesse Cannon
Music Written and Performed by Glume



all rights reserved


Glume New Jersey

Rock band from North Plainfield, NJ

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Track Name: Nightshade
As the rain is sound, I am wide awake
Bleed into me and watch as we fade

Come unclean the hardest part of this extremity has been pulling strings with a calloused sense of sanity

Contravene; sparked like gasoline we fuel the fire just to watch and scream
If I fall into the same routines I'll be picking scabs just to watch them bleed

Fall between all the things that you promised it's honestly such a shame
Place the blame on the shoulders of those who came to your aid
You deny all the words that you nullify

I took my time to find you out
I breathe you in, you breathe me out
I took my time to find you out
You found your faith, where are you now?
Track Name: Gaslighting
Tell me, Where do you go when it gets darker?
Do you make a home inside the heads of all the faces that you've tried to wash away?
Or do you barter with a ghost in exchange for certainty?

Build a bridge and burn it down.
In the silence I was promised.
In the ashes I've been found.

Complete me as you tear at the seams, it's a terrible way to get the best of me. If I fall, and I crawl will you follow down?
Follow down now.

If I fall, If I crawl, if I pretend to break will you take all I have or am I all you hate?
Track Name: Siren
I've been talking to the reaper and I'm a mess. I'm trying to get a grip on substances he's wrapped around my neck.

It's been a week since I've had sleep.
(I can't sleep)

Catch me underneath all the dirt on your sheets where the secrets you keep are all alone. Tip toe on the ropes that you hang from your throat. It's the reason you choke on all of your words.

Give me ration, give me fire. Give me all that I desire. In your pleasure there is pain. All of which I obtain.
It's been a month since I've had rest. Get out of my head.
Track Name: Phantom
Lord knows I know what it's like to be alone
when nothing really matters at all.
Where's the sustenance in fighting all of this when running on my own is all I've come to know.

I'm a shadow.
Always changing, depends on the day.
And the bed that I sleep in is a shell of the one that I made.

If I told you it hurts all the same would you fiddle the knife in my brain? Counting seconds until we die, no one walks alive.

Overshadowed I roam through the meadows where I've been picking at my spine. Gritting teeth is a terrible way to play out our demise.
What a beautiful way to play out your disguise.

If I told you it hurts all the same would you fiddle the knife in my brain? Counting seconds until we die, no one walks alive.

Tip toe goes the ghost. Beware for she chokes.